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NTCA Offers Recommendations on Broadband Access

NTCA The Rural Broadband Association sent a letter to Congress

suggesting policy recommendations for achieving and sustaining universal broadband access in rural America. They stressed to members of the 118th Congress that broadband access is a necessity to sustain our nation's economy.


NTCA suggested four major areas of focus to achieve universal broadband in rural America:

(1).  Promote Universal Service Programs and related initiatives

        to ensure sustainability and affordability connectivity

(2).  Ensure effective and efficient use of Broadband

        Infrastructure Grant Funding

(3).  Align tax policies with incentives and goals for broadband


(4).  Promote right-sized regulation targeted to market needs and

        market failures


NTCA strongly believes that focusing on these four themes and specific recommendations for action listed under each, that their policy blueprint is a step forward to realize this vision.


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 Next Generation 911 System


Next Generation 911 (NG911) is a digital, internet protocol based system that will replace an antiquated analog 911 infrastructure that has been in place for many years. Most 911 systems were built using analog signals that have continuing electrical signals versus digital technologies that have non-continuous electrical signals and have a better transmission rate.


A $45.9 million dollar statewide Next Generation 911 system is part of the Governor's budget plan that has been submitted to the Ohio General Assembly. This infrastructure, which will be built over the next two years, would ensure the

implementation of the new fiber optic network to improve emergency services for every Ohio community. Currently, four Ohio counties are in a trial phase of providing Next Gen 911.


The NG911 system will be able to pinpoint a person's location within feet of where they are while using a cellphone. Mobile carriers will transmit location data to 911centers. This new technology will also expand the type of devices that can contact 911, including smart watches, home security and vehicle systems.


The new digital infrastructure will allow people to send voice, photos, videos and text messages to the new network. The Governor's proposed budget would cover the cost of the new  modernized 911 network, as well as the last mile connection to local agencies through a state grant.


Next Gen 911 will save response time and save lives by addressing issues with the current analog 911 system, which is outdated, and not always accurate in finding a person's specific location.

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